In 1967 the Boston Red Sox lived the ‘Impossible Dream’, going from last to first in one season. 40 years later, the Sox made a Possible Dream come true; fielding a solid team and winning the World Series. With many New England sports teams looking good this season, can they all make their "Possible Dreams" come true?


Friday, November 2, 2007

Brady/Manning Bowl v10.0

Currently, Tom's leading the career matchup 6-3... but Peyton's walked away with the last three wins, including the AFC Championship game last season. Try and wrap your head around this game: the teams are a combined 15-0. Both are helmed by Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks who have defeated every other team in football at least once. Both teams average over 32 points a game (Indy about 32, NE about 41). Both teams allow an average of 16 points a game.

Across the entire season, the quarterbacks were sacked a combined 13 times (one more than Donovan McNabb was sacked in a single game). Brady has thrown more TD's in 8 games than he did in the best entire season of his career. Both teams succeeded without their starting running backs. The Pats are the face of dominance, the Colts are a model for efficiency. This leaves one more mind bender:

The Patriots are 5.5 point favorites over an undefeated team that has the 2nd best record in the entire NFL. Sunday is going to be quite a show.


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