In 1967 the Boston Red Sox lived the ‘Impossible Dream’, going from last to first in one season. 40 years later, the Sox made a Possible Dream come true; fielding a solid team and winning the World Series. With many New England sports teams looking good this season, can they all make their "Possible Dreams" come true?


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Clay Bucholz vs Billy Rohr

Recently there has been quite a bit of comparison between rookies Clay Bucholz and Billy Rohr. Both 22/23 year old rookies flirted with a no hitter within their first two games in the majors.

Mr. Bucholz sealed the deal on his attempt, throwing a no-hitter in his second start. Billy Rohr got off to a slightly faster start. In his first start he took a no-no into the last out of the ninth, only to surrender a hit to Elston Howard.

Clay Bucholz domination of the Orioles ended a Sox skid that included a 3 game sweep by the Yankees. Rohr's "almost" was against the Yankees merely two weeks into the season.

In terms of competition, Rohr faced a Yankees team nearly split between old timers and young guns. Mickey Mantle (who had a pinch hit at-bat) was in his last year, Elston Howard was in his next to last, and Hall of Famer Whitey Ford only had 6 more starts in him before he called it quits. Bucholz faced only one potential HOF'er... but Tejada won't likely be anywhere near the hall unless he plays until he's 45. Opposing pitcher Garrett Olson is also in his rookie year, with a tidy 7.22 ERA in his 6 ML starts.

Bucholz has the edge in strikeouts, with 9 to Rohr's 2. Rohr walked 5, while Bucholz walked only two. Bucholz allowed a runner on an HBP (Nick Markakis), and Rohr had an error that allowed Lou Clinton to reach, and also gave up the infamous hit to Elston Howard.

While Rohr faced some bigger names, and was part of the strong start to the '67 Impossible Dream year, Bucholz helped to revive a floundering Sox team at the tail end of a losing streak... and he managed to hang on to the no-no in the ninth.

Edge: Bucholz (2007)

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