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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Joe Foy vs. Mike Lowell

It's only two and a half weeks since the 2007 MLB All-Star Game and '07 Mike Lowell already has surpassed '67 Joe Foy in almost every major batting category imaginable, save for runs.

Foy never had the kind of career Mike Lowell is having. He never hit over 30 home runs. He was never an All-Star. He never drove in over 100 base-runners. In fact, "Iron Mike" hit more home runs during the '03-'04 seasons (59) than Foy did in his entire career (58HR over 6 seasons). Aside from the fact that they both have patrolled the left sector of Fenway's infield, there really is not that much in common between the two. However, after much hair-pulling and head scratching, we've found that they do share one pseudo-similarity after all: On-base percentage... sort of.

In '67, Foy suffered his career-low OBP. He reached base safely 161 times in 446 attempts - good for an OBP of .325. Not overly impressive. Certainly a dramatic drop from his 1966 rookie campaign in which he boasted a respectable .364 - 39 points above the league average. He would hover in mediocrity for another full season until his fortunes changed. As a member of the 1969 Kansas City Royals, Foy would see his OBP revert to respectability. Respectability falls right in line with Lowell's career OBP at .341 - just a bit lower than Foy's career line (.351).

Just for fun, let's look at some brutal comparisons in the "specialty" categories.

Lowell is a Gold Glove winner. He has a minuscule 81 errors in 10 years. Foy, on the other hand, was an apparent train wreck with the glove: 125 errors. 5 years.

Postseason Batting:
Neither are particularly impressive. However, unless you're Derek Jeter, you're probably not going to have the largest set of data to compare. Anyhow, you've got to give Foy a mulligan on this considering Lowell had over three times the at bats to get his act together.

For what it's worth...
Lowell: .196 AVG in 46 postseason at bats.
Foy: .133 AVG in 15 at bats.

I can't keep this going. This one is too obvious.

Edge: Lowell (2007)

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