In 1967 the Boston Red Sox lived the ‘Impossible Dream’, going from last to first in one season. 40 years later, the Sox made a Possible Dream come true; fielding a solid team and winning the World Series. With many New England sports teams looking good this season, can they all make their "Possible Dreams" come true?


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Yastrzemski vs. Ramirez

In 1967, Yastrzemski was only 6 seasons into his 23 year career with the Red Sox. At that point, he had accumulated a total of 95 home runs and was already the clear-cut lion in the heart of the Sox lineup. It wasn't until '67, however, that he truely broke out, mashing 44 dingers and driving in 121 runs. Yaz batted .326 that year, on his well-documented road to the triple-crown.

Fast-forward forty years.

15 years into his career, Manny Ramirez is showing signs of slowing down. Once a lock for 35/130, the jovial left-fielder is on pace to just barely approach 30/100. Though Ramirez is a perennial late-bloomer, it's hard to ignore his SLG, which is currently nesting about 80 points below his career average. That's not to imply that Manny is not still one of the most feared right-handed bats in all of baseball. He is.

Now, let's compare stats... That's always fun.

These figures are based on career averages ('07 is included for Ramirez) and are purely offensive.

AB: 587
Runs: 89
HR: 22
RBI: 90
AVG: .285
OPS: .841

AB: 586
Runs: 111
HR: 41
RBI: 134
AVG: .313
OPS: 1.006

Even for a die-hard Sox fan and historian, seeing these numbers side-to-side makes it hard to go with Yastrzemski over Ramirez. Fortunately for me (and my desire to not be exiled from The Nation), we're cherry-picking two specific years.

'67 Yastrzemski:
AB: 579
Runs: 112
HR: 44
RBI: 121
AVG: .326
OPS: 1.040

'07 Ramirez (Pace as of 8/1):
AB: 589
Runs: 99
HR: 28
RBI: 107
AVG: .299
OPS: .911

Hard to argue with a triple-crown season.

Edge: Yastrzemski (1967)

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